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Just things I like. I'm interested in the lives of women and children from both sides during WW2 and world war 1 (Tags are 'women in wartime' and 'children in wartime'). If you know any good books or films on the subject I'm interested in hearing about them. Of course war isn't pleasent so some of the pictures may be disturbing. I'm not terribly interested in anime but I like Dragon ball Z so there will be a bit of that too.

I also really like Florence and the machine, arcade fire, emilie autumn and die antwoord. I like loads of stuff but these are my top 4 right now

The German anti-war film Die Brücke is my favourite film ever so I'll post screenshots from time to time. As far as I know this fandom consists of only me. If you know where I can get an English dubbed version I would be really grateful. There is also a novel of the same name that I can't seem to find an English translation of so again if you know where I can get one I'd appreciate it.

I don't have any particularly strong views on anything.

Baby Tom Monger (Moth) from Florence and the machine. He’s even got his harp.

Baby Tom Monger (Moth) from Florence and the machine. He’s even got his harp.

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