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Just things I like. I'm interested in the lives of women and children from both sides during WW2 and world war 1 (Tags are 'women in wartime' and 'children in wartime'). If you know any good books or films on the subject I'm interested in hearing about them. Of course war isn't pleasent so some of the pictures may be disturbing. I'm not terribly interested in anime but I like Dragon ball Z so there will be a bit of that too.

I also really like Florence and the machine, arcade fire, emilie autumn and die antwoord. I like loads of stuff but these are my top 4 right now

The German anti-war film Die Brücke is my favourite film ever so I'll post screenshots from time to time. As far as I know this fandom consists of only me. If you know where I can get an English dubbed version I would be really grateful. There is also a novel of the same name that I can't seem to find an English translation of so again if you know where I can get one I'd appreciate it.

I don't have any particularly strong views on anything.


Patricia Bowman by Soichi Sunami, 1932


Patricia Bowman by Soichi Sunami, 1932

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"If ever there is another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans."

This profoundly prophetic quote is attributed to Prince Otto Von Bismarck (in 1890), the first Chancellor of Germany. While Bismarck was correct he could not have know it would be a war perpetuated by a German government, albeit an expansionist one that had forced him to resign.

100 years ago today, the ‘damned silly thing in the Balkans’ materialised as the German-supported Austro-Hungarian declaration of war on Serbia.

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*white guy voice* i backpacked through europe

This just in:
Only White American Males™ are interested in taking advantage of what money they might have available to them in order to explore other cultures and countries. Sometimes they even talk about such a significant experience.


Bastards the lot of them.

Stay tuned for more news from Tumblr Daily. 


Somehow, I knew a white person posted the joke.

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Cis people are so gullible. A doctor basically gave a quick glance at your junk before you were even old enough to communicate and you think that’s the best gauge of your gender? Sad.

so cis people are cis because they’re too dumb not to choose to be trans? what?



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Anonymous asked: I was talking to my mam a few years ago about the decline of the Irish language since the 1800s and she said that besides her love of the language itself, the main reason why she doesn't want it to die out is because, and I quote, "it'll mean that the British will have won" and that's stuck with me ever since.





"tír gan teanga, tír gan anam." ur mommas a smart lady who knows what shes talking about

This is a bigger deal than this post lets on. The British came into Ireland and did everything they could to erase the Irish culture. They renamed everything on maps to get rid of the colloquial names of landmarks and roads and things that had been used for centuries. They also prevented the Irish language’s usage in education and government which has reduced its usage to under 80,000 people who use it outside of the educational system today (after a cultural revival).

Eh really, here was me thinking the nation state renamed places based on the medieval dindshenchas stories.

For example the hill of ward a traveller name from mac an bhaird became tlachtgha. A name that probably hadnt been used in a 1000 years but fit in with the nation state idea that there was only 1 ethnicity within its political boarders.

Lets take the example of naming things again. Look at Dublin city statues that stood for centuries pulled down or blown up all over the city. And the street names changed because they were norse, flemish and english derived ike the irish languages actually indigenous to leinster Yola and Fingallian.

Because Hoggen green was changed to College green no one planning the luas lines knew it was a haugr a burial ground. They ploughed through more of dublins archaeological history last week churning up graves and concreted over it again just like wood quay.

If you want to.speak gaelic, go for it. But you don’t have to hate england to do it. The reasons youre giving for hating england is all the republics doing

Yeah, the ‘hating England’ excuse for keeping up Irish is a weak one imo.

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Beatrice Goelet, by John Singer Sargent, 1890


Beatrice Goelet, by John Singer Sargent, 1890

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